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Endocrine System and Trauma Flashcard Booster Packs

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The first “Booster Pack” for our Paramedic Flashcard Deck  focuses on the Endocrine System and is full of helpful information and a couple of images to help you best understand this crucial system.

The second “Booster Pack” is a deck focused on Trauma. This includes all sorts of common traumatic assessment tools, signs and symptoms, and character is of different injury types!

As mentioned in the previous post, if you have purchased the Base Deck, you will have a code to enter to receive your 20% discount on this deck. If you were unable to get your base deck yet, don’t worry, you can add it to your cart now and will receive a discount for the bundle!

We are currently accepting Booster Pack #2 orders as “Pre-orders” as we look to send decks for the first print and receive them by the end of September 2022!

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Booster Pack

1) Endocrine Deck, 2) Trauma Deck


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