Founder / Lead Tutor

Kyle Ferguson is the Founder of Medic Sense and has continued creating content to ensure that all of our clients are best prepared to succeed! Kyle completed his Bachelor of Sciences from the University of Guelph in 2013, followed by his Primary Care Paramedic Diploma in 2015. Following the completion of school is 2015, he was hired with Niagara EMS and continues to work in his home community as a PCP.


Leslie is a former police officer with the Ottawa Police Service and has been a College instructor in Adult Education since 2005. She has instructed for over eleven years in Justice Studies and has currently been teaching in a Primary Care Paramedic Program for over seven. . Her current complement of courses include Communication, Medical Legal and Issues of Ethics, Well-being and Self-care, the Humanities, Emotional Intelligence and Sociology. With a passion for teaching and investing in student and individual success, she has been guiding applicants through their Interview process to ensure the best outcome.

Tutor (Volunteer)

Joel is a Primary Care Paramedic, focusing on creating content and virtual tutoring for Medic Sense. Joel has a strong background in prehospital medicine and clinical primary care with training in both flight and tactical environments. Joel is very passionate about the role paramedics play in patient success and volunteers with Medic Sense to help aspiring paramedics succeed.