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We want to ensure we are there for you throughout your entire journey from Studnet to Paramedic. We offer many custom tutoring plans that will best fit your needs!

Private and Personal Education

in Primary Care Paramedicine

Our team works to determine your needs and build a plan to help you achieve your goals. We offer private tutoring, group tutoring, and offer in-class courses throughout the year! 

Complete simulation of emergency situations and customized learning plans


Monitor simulator to ensure hands on scenario practice, CPR mannequins, injection supplies and more!


We will ensure your goals are met with whatever services you require. If you attend out courses, we ensure we will work with you following the course until your goals have been met!

Focused Care

Custom studying plans and scenarios developed specifically to meet your needs!


We ensure all of our material is consistently updated and reviewed to maintain the most up to date delivery and current protocols being utilized!

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