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Personal Membership to Medic Senses’ new Online Access Membership! Focusing on A-EMCA Preparation and Paramedic Education as all learning topics are highly reviewed and discussed.

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Access your studying tools on the go! Online log-in allows you to access from your phone, tablet, or computer on the fly!

A-EMCA Preparation has been a flagship product for us at Medic Sense for years and we wanted to change it up and allow for our clients to have a whole new way of getting our valuable material, and working it in with their current life schedule! Not only did we decide to update the live delivery course, but we have also done a full reworking of our digital download concept. We are now going to be dramatically upgrading our content, allowing full access on any device, and ensuring your membership gets constant push updates for all changes to guidelines, protocols, and regulations!

Our “Online Access Membership” will now not simply be a DropBox link to your files, but will be modular online access with your own unique log-in and password to make sure you can always pick up just where you left off. This new membership includes all of the previous topics covered as well as a reworking of the mock exams, continued updating to the presentations, and new topics added in the following feedback from previous cohorts! This new huge database of material is ALL YOURS to access to work through and improve your current knowledge. Also, not only will you get the mock exams as before, but we have mini-exams to test your knowledge after each topic presentation to ensure you’re on the right path with your learning and have given key areas the right amount of attention. Each exam comes with detailed answers as to why it is the best choice.

Perfect for those about to write their A-EMCA Examination, or with the 12-month access it is a great way to supplement your learning in the 3rd and 4th term prior to Service Hiring Exams as well! 

This would be a great product already, but we want to go above and beyond and make sure that at all times you feel you are getting the absolute most value out of the programs you trust Medic Sense to deliver. With your membership, you will gain private access to a monthly 1-hour group tutoring session that will choose a topic and deliver a scenario with questions to challenge your understanding. These sessions will allow you to ask our certified instructors for additional information and to bring up any topics you have recently run into on your own time that may be causing some difficulty.

Each membership will also allow access to watch the most recent virtual delivery of the A-EMCA Preparation Course in its entirety for those who choose to simply have the membership and are unable to attend the Live Delivery.

**Plus Members include free access to a live delivery A-EMCA Preparation Course as well as other discounts and perks**

*Available in 8-month and 12-month access*

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