Ontario Jurisprudence Exam Preparation


This course is online downloadable material designed to improve your knowledge base as you prepare to write the Jurisprudence exam for the Ministry of Health. This course includes multiple downloads with presentations and 2 exams to allow you to further understand the laws that govern us and the most recent patient care standards.


This online material will prepare the candidate for the Ministry of Health’s “Jurisprudence Exam”. It contains slides outlining recent changes to the BLS and ALS standards, as well as two mock exams. The first exam will be on the general paramedic scope of practice questions that show the types of questions that are to be expected. The second exam is focused on the laws and acts that govern paramedics in Ontario, along with an answer key to ensure that you are able to get all of the information you require!

We have had many students find success using our services and products, and would love to offer you the same with this content! Upon receiving your purchase, the files will be sent to you and will include everything mentioned above, as well as any feedback or further clarification you require.

If you are writing the exam to begin your practice in Ontario as a Paramedic, we think this is the course for you!

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