Paramedic Service Hiring Seminar


Two-day seminar covering everything involved in the hiring process for Primary Care Paramedics. Written testing examples, interview preparation, and hands-on skills practice.

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Hybrid Online / In-Person Event (Screening required upon entry)

November 12/13, 2022


The multiple-step processes of becoming hired to a Paramedic Service in Ontario may seem like a tough task, due to it being the final hurdle in between you and the career you are working so hard toward. The reason we wanted to create a course about this topic, is to allow you to be in a classroom environment with a much more relaxed feel before you are involved in the process.

This could be your first application for a career, or, could be the first step to a career change, and that may be a daunting task. There are many more candidates than jobs in our profession so it is critical that you are doing everything you can to practice on your own time and to ensure that you are prepared for every step along the way. We will cover what the written tests are going to cover and give examples, talk about different types of interviews as well as tips and tricks, then will put you through multiple scenario and skill stations to make sure you are confident in your abilities and skills!

Course Length:

This course will run over the course of a weekend, 9 am-5 pm on both days of the weekend provided in the registration section. We will be able to answer your questions about what to expect with the different services, as well as being able to use this time to go over specific topics that you may find challenging.

What will you get with it?

Our team is dedicated to getting you hired in the place you want to be, however, with the hiring pools and the amount of competition present, it is a very difficult process. We want to be there to be able to make sure you are prepared and have your skills present at the best of your ability. Every service has its own selection process and they are always looking for slightly different things to complement their service and their future plans. We cannot guarantee that taking our weekend course will get you hired, but we can say that we have had many of our clients make it through multiple different selection processes!

Completion of our course will result in a “Certificate of Completion”, which will be valuable as it will show the hiring teams that you are committed to learning and you are doing extracurricular education courses to be best prepared to be a great Paramedic!

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November 20/21, 2022 (In-Person Delivery)


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