Private and Group Tutoring (Hourly)


Private and Group tutoring with one of our Paramedic Tutors. All employees are up to date in the field and are currently working within a Regional Paramedic Service and Base Hospital Certified.

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Private Tutoring is the best way to isolate what struggles you may be having with the course material being presented at your college or during your self-study. We are happy to help you with studying any of the broad range of topics that we encounter in the world of Paramedicine. Private tutoring is offered either in a one-on-one or group environment, depending on what each client prefers. It is important to not let yourself get behind as the information continues to come, so we are here to help and give that extra attention to any topics you may feel are too complex.

With the hands-on skills that we need to be proficient professionals, it is important to work on the textbook knowledge as well as your practical abilities! Our tutors will come prepared with medical equipment to practice skill stations and scenarios as well in a private tutoring environment to allow you to have a less stressful place to make your clinical decisions and practice your protocol skills.


We are a completely mobile company that allows us the freedom to be able to come to our clients at any place they feel is best! We are happy to come to your home for private tutoring sessions and are also able to meet in public locations such as a local library in order to ensure you have access to our services. Our team is able to utilize GoToMeeting and GoToTraining software to turn any room into a classroom, so we can meet most of your private tutoring needs from the comfort of your own computer screen!

**Travel Costs will be billed at a fixed rate based on distance from Niagara Region**


Textbook and Information Tutoring: $50/hr

Scenario Tutoring with Equipment: $60/hr

** When ordering, the cost of $60 per hour will be billed. Please edit the “number of units” to indicate the number of hours you would like to purchase. Please add in the notes if the tutoring will be for textbook information or tutoring as well as if there will be a group present. All differences and promotional rates will be returned to you in the form of a refund once the rates are calculated.**

Group Rates for Scenario:

  • 2 people or more = $40 each per hour
  • 4 people or more = $30 each per hour
  • 5 people + = $25 each per hour

*Custom private tutoring plans are available in tiered plans; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze – Please contact us for a full list of what is included and pricing*

** All of our Private Tutoring clients have continual access to our immediate response messaging service as well as 50% off of resume creation and reformatting**


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