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This product is a digital download version of our traditional A-EMCA course and will include all of the presentations and the mock exam material we use during our in-class weekend. We are happy to offer this as an option for those who may have travel as a barrier from attending one of our in-class courses!


The Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (A-EMCA) examination is the Ministry of Health certification exam required to practice as a Primary Care Paramedic in Ontario. The exam is a full day and will test applicants on pathology, physiology, medical-legal, anatomy, and protocols learned through the PCP College program.

We at Medic Sense want to give you a full review and go through practice questions and answer any other concerns you may have as the date for your examination approaches! Our team is all A-EMCA Certified and Base Hospital certified paramedics, who continually update our course content to ensure that we are covering the most up-to-date information and giving you everything you need to ensure your success in this stressful event.

This product is a digital access version of the preparation course. This course includes a full recorded version of our A-EMCA Preparation course, all of the presentation slides and a full mock exam with detailed question by question breakdowns to ensure you are the most prepared for your upcoming examination. When your purchase has been confirmed we will send the log-in information directly to the email listed on the purchasing receipt.

*Virtual Course Access is only valid for up to 6 months following the purchase of your access.*


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